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Important Information for all your Club Members     JUNE 2020

Please send out to all your club members and reinforce with an announcement at your meeting.

On behalf of the YPU Executive we sincerely hope that you are managing to stay safe and healthy during the Covid 19 outbreak, even if your photography has become a little limited.

The Annual Exhibition 2020

Many of you are perhaps wondering what plans there are for the postponed 2020 YPU Annual Exhibition which had been due in May. At the moment the Pontefract Town Hall remains closed.
The YPU Executive have discussed the situation and it is hoped that the Exhibition will go ahead and open on October 31st for a week.
I cannot stress enough that this is provisional and subject to whether the venue itself will be open. Furthermore, if it is feasible to mount the Exhibition, Government restrictions in some form or other are likely to still be in place in October. 
At the moment we are not to know whether the Covid controls will be easier or tighter.
A final decision will have to be made towards the end of the summer which we will then inform clubs about as soon as possible. In the event the Exhibition does not go ahead clubs will be notified about, delivery of Exhibition catalogues and collection of Prints etc during September.
The Exhibition judging did take place on schedule in March and the individual marks can be obtained by club competition secretaries using their log in codes to the YPU Competition website:

Please note this now provides details the acceptances to the Exhibition. Look under Federation Info > Competitions > Past Competitions.

 YPU Club Representatives Meeting and Keighley Event Day

The next YPU Club Representatives meeting is at the moment scheduled for November 7th and the Keighley Event Day for November 14th 2020. 
It is still hoped to stage both events but they are of course now subject to confirmation.

The YPU Webmaster Post

The YPU need a volunteer to join the Executive as the YPU Webmaster.
This is an ideal post for an individual with an interest in learning web design, expanding photographic interests and getting involved with the running of the YPU.
As the internet is now so prominent in the commercial world, the opportunities are likely not to be just limited to your photography as it would be a great opportunity to add an impressive hobby role to your ‘CV’.
If you are interested in the role, please contact the YPU Secretary Stephen Dean: Email

FIAP - recent successful YPU Club members

Warmest congratulations to the following YPU Club members who have received the following FIAP distinctions.
Duncan SK Hill                          Doncaster CC.    EFIAP/d1
Raymond K Brammall                Doncaster CC    EFIAP/s
Tim Sawyer                                Ilkley CC.            EFIAP/b
Judy Smith                                Sheffield PS.      EFIAP
Brian Trout                                Doncaster CC    EFIAP
Sue Trout                                  Doncaster CC    EFIAP
Stephen Womack                      Focus PG            EFIAP
Peter Wells                              Wakefield CC.    EFIAP
Elizabeth J Lazenby                    Wakefield CC.    EFIAP
Michael Carver                          New Image CC    AFIAP
It is hoped to hold the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit that were scheduled for April during August 2020, however spectator access will be closed.
Stephen Dean
Yorkshire Photographic Union


Club meetings and advice for visiting Lecturers and Judges

At the moment the Government are not advising to cancel club meetings however that situation may change at short notice. Club Committee members are advised to keep briefed of the situation and be prepared to cancel meetings at short notice

The following advice for your meeting and committee might be helpful:


  • Please follow the guidelines that have been issued by Public Health England and follow the guidance for self-isolation.
  • Those individuals who do have underlying health problems especially breathing difficulties such as asthma, obstructive airways disease, conditions with a reduced immune response, heart conditions, or any other advice received from medical staff, may wish to stay at home and avoid meetings that is understandable.
  • Individuals who have travelled to countries which are deemed hotspots should self-isolate as government advice.
  • Individuals who have the common cold or cough are advised to stay at home. They may make other members concerned particularly if they have health problems.
  • Club members who are serving tea / coffee must ensure that they have washed their hands prior to serving, disposable paper cups should be used.
  • If the situation changes nationally then follow Government guidelines and inform club members, lecturers and judges of your decision.  This may include judging by Email reports.


Lecturers and Judges 

A Lecturer or Judge on your programme may feel unable to attend your club meeting despite being a confirmed booking. This may well be because the individual has underlying health problems and has been advised to avoid unnecessary risk or have dependant relatives.

Clubs may consider that Judges could Email comments and marks for a projected image competition if appropriate.

Please contact me if you have any enquiries.



Stephen Dean

(YPU Secretary)

Club Championships 2020

Here are the full results.


Projected Digital Images





Doncaster Camera Club



Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club



Ilkley Camera Club



F4 Photographic Group



Wakefield Camera Club



Cookridge Camera Club



Leeds Photographic Society



Selby Camera Club



Ripon City Photographic Society



Sheffield Photographic Society



Westfield Photographic Society



Leeds Co-Operative Photographic Society


Doncaster CC and Huddersfield PIC will represent the YPU at the PAGB Inter Club PDI Competition.







Ilkley Camera Club



Sheffield Photographic Society



Wakefield Camera Club



Selby Camera Club



Westfield Photographic Society



Leeds Photographic Society


Ilkley CC and Sheffield PS will represent the YPU at the PAGB Inter Club Print Competition.


Information regarding the increase in projection sizes

Following and enquiry by Tony Sheeky of Halifax P.S.

The reason that the YPU have made this decision is purely administrative. For the PAGB Annual Inter-Federation Competition and Exhibition we are now required to submit images at 1600x1200. If the YPU continued requiring 1400x1050 we would have the problem of having to ask all authors of images selected for the PAGB Inter-Federation submission to re-submit their images at 1600x1200, a task that I would not wish to perform.

The PAGB projector is 1920x1200 but the PAGB decided to continue with the aspect ratio of 4:3 and so chose 1600x1200 as the standard to adopt.

I am not aware what the aspect ratio is of your projector is but as it will operate at resolutions higher than those now being adopted I assume the resolution is 1920x1200. The PAGB is able to select the Canon projector it uses to run at 1600x1200 and ignore the remaining pixels to the right and left. It is also possible to have the projector remain set at 1920x1200 and when presenting images at 1600x1200 the system only uses the centre 1600x1200 pixels without problem. This method is also dependant on the programme being used for projection and the PAGB ensures the programmes used will do this. The PAGB uses Bridge or the competition software developed by Adrian Lines of the L&CPU for projection at their events.

There are some clubs who still use 1024x768 which is the resolution originally adopted by the YPU and PAGB. This was then replaced by 1440x1050 which has now been upgraded to 1600x1200.

Howard Tate

Hire of Frames by YPU Clubs

The YPU has a stock of frames it uses at the annual exhibition however they can be used and there is no charge for clubs to use the frames.

The frames are stored at Carleton Community Centre, Carleton Road, Pontefract WF8 3RJ. The clubs must arrange their own collection and return.

The frames are only available for a limited time throughout the year, they are being used at the Wath salon from late November to early January.

The YPU will need access to the frames from March to early June for the Annual Exhibition.

The frames will be given out on a first come first served basis. As other clubs may request the frames it is important to inform us of any changes of dates or cancellation to your Exhibition.

Hire of YPU and PAGB Shows on CD

The following folios are available for the syllabus secretaries to place in their programmes for members to enjoy. The YPU Exhibition ones are purchased and yours to keep, so you can fit them in your programme anywhere you wish. The PAGB ones will need to be passed on to the next club after viewing so a date when you require them is needed. You will be notified where they will come from and who you need to pass them on to after viewing.

Postage Costs.  Postage is now free & will be covered by the YPU.

All the YPU & PAGB folios are in a CD format. The YPU ones you retain. The PAGB ones which you hire cost £5 each & require a booking date.