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Judges & Lecturers

Welcome to the Judges and Lecturers section. Following the publication of the PAGB 2016/7 handbook and the successful Judges’ Workshop in February 2015, we currently have 58 judges within our Federation (49 on the list as published in the PAGB handbook and 9 Supplementary Judges). Our Federation has 48 lecturers (45 on the list as published in the PAGB handbook and 3 Supplementary lecturers). The subject matter is varied and many lecturers have several presentations. Regular updates to all lists are sent to Club Secretaries.

Booking a Judge or Lecturer -

Guidance notes for Club Programme and Competition Secretaries:

It is usually convenient to make the first enquiry by telephone to ensure the requirements and format of your meeting are acceptable to your invitee. You may also want more information about a lecture or presentation than can be included in these listings. A mutually acceptable date can quickly be agreed by telephone or e-mail if appropriate.

1) Promptly confirm an agreed booking in writing using a booking form based on one the downloads at the top right on this page and enclose an s.a.e if you require a written acceptance (alternatively this could be done by e-mail). Send a written reminder with directions to arrive 14 days before the booked date together with maps or website links that are clear and include landmarks that are easily seen at night. Your own sketched map may be much better in this respect than a commercial map.

2) If possible please supply a mobile telephone number for the judge/lecturer to contact in the event of traffic or other problems, whilst travelling to your Club.

3) Make sure that your Club will provide an audience of sufficient size to warrant your visitor’s time and effort. Be in good time to meet your guest. Provide a parking space and assistance to carry in any materials.

4) In your printed programme always acknowledge the Federation from whose list the name was selected or the company name in the case of a sponsored lecturer. Also please make a point of using photographic awards, distinctions and honours when writing and in introductions made at the meeting.

5) Ensure that reimbursement of expenses is offered without any request needing to be made. Please note current PAGB rates is 30 pence per mile plus petrol, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. Do be hospitable and make your guest feel welcome and respected.

6) Full details of the procedures to be used for engaging judges or lecturers and other helpful relevant information, are contained in the PAGB Handbook. It also lists judges and lecturers accredited by other Federations. Some may be able to visit YPU clubs from neighbouring counties. The Handbook also gives details of Recorded Lectures available for hire to clubs.


In order for me to obtain feedback on judges and lecturers there are assessment forms that can be downloaded from this site and sent to me. This information is beneficial in monitoring clubs' experience of judges and lecturers and is the only way I have of finding out how successful or otherwise such visits are across our large county. Such feedback is also helpful when Judges or Lecturers workshops are being planned. I encourage all clubs to give feedback but this is particularly important when Judges on the Supplementary List visit clubs. I rely mainly on feedback reports to assessing suitability of these newer judges to be promoted to the list published in the PAGB handbook. It has been decided that in future all feedback received will be shared with the Judge and Lecturer concerned.

The forms to complete and send feedback on judges and lecturers are to the right. Two of them are Word templates which can be completed and saved as Word documents or saved as pdf documents. Once completed please email or mail them to me at the address shown on the form. The others are pdfs which can be printed off and completed by hand for either scanning and emailing or posting to me.


For those YPU Club members who are interested in becoming a judge, the YPU runs an occasional workshop. These are run according to demand which in the past has meant every three years.  The next such event will most probably take place in early 2018 unless there is a significant level of interest before then. If you are interested in becoming a judge please contact me, Alan Stopher, Judge & Lecture List Secretary. My email address is listed on the ‘Contacts’ page.

The YPU is always on the lookout for club members who are willing to share their expertise giving lectures on photographic subjects. If this interests you and you have a possible lecture ready to use, please contact me with the details.

Alan Stopher CPAGB